Anton Vasetenkov

Auckland, New Zealand

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Professional profile

A web developer and problem solver.

Building React/Node.js architectures that are maintainable, evolvable, reusable, testable, scalable, secure, performant, cloud native, integrated, fault tolerant, accessible, SEO-friendly, user-friendly, pixel perfect, mobile-friendly, cross-browser and cross-platform enabled and fit for purpose.

Work experience

Qrious Ltd./Spark New Zealand Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand

Front End Engineer

Aug 2020–Present

Building web applications and platforms using a mix of front- and back-end technologies and programming languages.

Writing quality code and following software engineering best practices.

TypeScript, React, Node.js, Next.js, Single-page applications; SCSS, CSS modules; GraphQL, MS SQL, Prisma ORM

Microsoft Azure, Azure Functions, Cosmos DB, Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines

Docker, Kubernetes, Helm; Twilio SendGrid, Spark eTXT; IoT; Functional programming

Pixel Fusion Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand

Front End Engineer

Jan 2017–Aug 2020

Focusing on React/Redux front ends, Node.js back ends, build pipelines, and cloud deployments. Designing and developing integrations with third-party services.

Following software engineering best practices (maintainability, reusability, testability, and scalability) with security, performance, accessibility, and SEO in mind.

JavaScript, TypeScript, ES6, ESNext, React, Redux, React Hooks, Vue.js, Single-page applications, Node.js, Express, Server-side rendering; Webpack, Gulp; CSS, PostCSS, JSS/CSS-in-JS, Atomic Design

AWS, Amazon Cognito, Serverless, Google Cloud, CI/CD, Docker, Jenkins, BitBucket, GitHub

Test-driven development, Unit testing; SEO,, Web accessibility, Cross-browser testing

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar; Squarespace, Shopify

Goodfolk Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand

Front End Developer

Aug–Nov 2016

Implementing interactive UI components for the web.

Developing websites and responsive email templates for key clients.

JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.js; CSS, SASS, Bootstrap; Gulp, Grunt

Atomic design libraries; Marketo marketing platform


Auckland University of Technology

Graduate Diploma in Computer and Information Sciences (BS)

Feb–Dec 2016

Moscow State University

Specialist Diploma in Bioengineering and Bioinformatics (MS)

Sep 2010–June 2015


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect Associate

Feb 2021

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services Certified Cloud Practitioner

Jan 2021

Semantic Web Company (SWC)/PoolParty Academy

Knowledge Engineering Training

Jan 2021

Semantic Web Company (SWC)/PoolParty Academy

Semantic Integration Training

Jan 2021

Semantic Web Company (SWC)/PoolParty Academy

Semantic Web Training

Jan 2021

Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA)

Jun 2016

Personal projects

Genome Browser


An online tool for exploring the human genome.

React, TypeScript, CSS, Data visualization

RDF Graph Editor


A web-based tool for creating and sharing RDF graphs.

RDF, Semantic Web,, Google Knowledge Graph API

Math Editor


A WYSIWYG editor for mathematical formulas.

SVG, HTML5 Canvas, Clipboard API, TeX, KaTeX

Simple Text Editor


A browser-based plaintext file editor.

File System Access API, Web Share API, Clipboard API

Database for Event Sourcing


A storage for event-sourced systems.

Event sourcing, CQRS, JS sandbox

Database for RDF


A service for authoring, enriching, and querying structured data.

RDF, SPARQL, Turtle, Wikidata, Federated querying



A web-based weather app.

IP geolocation, OpenWeatherMap API



An app that turns your phone into a compass.

Device Motion and Orientation API



A lightweight web chat app that allows users to communicate through instant messaging and make audio and video calls.

WebRTC, WebSockets, Media Capture and Streams API

Eckher Insights


A place where I often write about semantic and graph technologies, machine learning, and software engineering in general.

Ask me anything


A question answering engine based on an RDF* knowledge base.

Omnibox, Autocompletion, Predictive typing

Parametric Type Foundry


A directory of parametric fonts that allows the user to preview the generated fonts and add them to their sites using CSS.

Web typography, FontForge



A language learning app that allows users to acquire new vocabulary by listening to bilingual playlists.

Web Audio API, reCAPTCHA

My Sequences


A digital repository for personal genetic information made to provide users with fresh insights from their DNA.



An entity aggregator for people, places, and things.

Structured data,, Google Knowledge Graph API



A neural grapheme-to-phoneme model trained to transcribe English words into IPA pronunciations.

Machine learning, Tensorflow, Recurrent neural networks, Python

Te Reo Maps


An interactive mapping service in which all labels on the map are translated into te reo Māori.

Transcript Maps


An interactive mapping service that renders pronunciations of the names of countries directly on the map.

Mapbox GL JS, Mapbox rich text styles